Maravilla Pictures

What we do:

  • Maravilla Pictures develops audiovisual projects across Film, TV, Radio, Podcast, VideoMobile Social Media – and then also offers an executive producer service.
  • We source stories, ‘ideas’ & creative concepts, develop and package them into viable multimedia proposals, and then also help to find the finance & ‘green light’.
  • Based between London and Barcelona, we always like to work on projects that can attract European creative talent and that also have international potential.
  • From pitch to script, from talent packaging to financial structuring, or from distribution to marketing, we can get involved at any stage of the process. We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting projects, so please get in touch. You can email directly:
  • Please also follow us on Twitter @MaravillaPics.

Recent projects include:

  • The Barcelona Connection – a UK-Spain TV co-production:
  • London-based producer Nevision & Barcelona-based Diagonal TV have recently announced that they are to co-produce The Barcelona Connection, a 6-part TV thriller based upon the forthcoming novel by Tim Parfitt. It is to be directed by the award-winning director, Roger Gual. Originally developed by Maravilla Pictures, The Barcelona Connection is now planned as the first in a series of thrillers being scripted for TV.  Whilst further details of cast & broadcasters will be announced in due course, here is the link to the full press coverage (in English & Spanish) to date.
  • The Weekly Noticias – a brand new Radio, Podcast, Video & TV project:
  • Launched recently in May 2017, The Weekly Noticias is a ‘fun, fast and hilarious’ show – the start of a multimedia business with the key focus of learning & improving everyday English & Spanish. Starting on Radio, Podcast & YouTube, the first TWN weekly channel is pitched as ‘One Big Fat Super Divertido Show’, with Spanish and Catalan comedians joined by international celebrity guests, all trying to make sentido of the weekly noticias from Spain and beyond, in English, Spanish & Spanglish. Further TWN language channels are to be launched shortly. 
  • Under Development:
  • Project RSF … soon to be announced.
  • 70:30 (script)
  • F.A.Q. (script)
  • Memory Stick (pitch)
  • Skip Intro (pitch)